Photoshop Tutorials & Actions

Thomas Niemann
Thomas has written this Photoshop for Photographers.

Russell Preston Brown
Quite a few quick time movies on photoshop.

Ian Lyons
Has a site called Computer Darkroom.

Fred Miranda
Fred has many actions available for purchase.  He has various actions for the D30, D60, 10D, 1D and the 1Ds.

Pekka Saarinen
Pekka has created LinearSharpen 3.42.  This is a free linear conversion and sharpening action for linear D30 files.  LinearSharpen D60 has been released and it is also free.  Go to the second page of the D60 thread to download version 1.01.

Michael Thomas Mitchell
Michael is a respected and regular contribute to DPreview. I have linked to one of his many threads in which he offers some of his actions for free.  Michael has updated his actions as of 3-30-03. Here is a link to that thread.

Roger Cavanagh
Roger has some useful information regarding PS actions and scripting.

Interpolation Actions

Noise Reduction

Future Photoshop Versions

I will not be buying anymore Photoshop upgrades because of the activation process that they have started to use in CS. I believe that the activation process is intrusive and there is no reason for it.  Cracks for it can be found on the web so it is basically useless for copy protection. The only thing that it does effectively is create problems for legitimate users.

I do not want software companies retrieving information from my computer no matter how innocent they claim the information to be.  How do you know what information they are gathering from your computer and how often? Also if they have left a door open to your computer so that they can gain access to their software then whatís to stop someone else from using it also?  The only way to stop this is to not buy the software. Hopefully enough people will take a stand against activation that the software companies will drop it.

Donít get me wrong.  I think that the upgrade to Photoshop CS is well worth the price and Iíd love to buy it.  However, sometimes you have to say no based on principles. Also the only reason that I mention the crack for PS CS is to show that activation does not do what they claim it does.  I am against stealing and I think that it is wrong to use the crack to avoid paying for the software.

My personal opinion is that activation is just the next step in the move from buying a license to use the software to having to rent the software. Software companies have always wanted to make you rent their products instead of purchasing them. The more control that they can get over their software the easier it will be to impose their will on us.  As the always on connection to the internet becomes more widespread the reality of renting software becomes more viable. Think about this, down the road when most computers are connected to the web it will be very easy for software companies to use the activation portion of their software to turn off the use of their software unless you have paid your monthly fee. There are some license agreements that state that the software could require a rental fee in the future.


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