Digital Photography Tips

Steadman’s Tips
Steadman Uhlich has shared his tips often. I have provided links to several of his threads. Read through the threads for a lot of useful information.  Much of the information is geared towards “Newbies”.
First Lens for New SLR Owner
Tips for Better Photographs
Do I Have to Buy an L Lens
Fast Improvement of Shots
Blowing in the Wind
Sharpness Ain’t Everything
Wear a Hood
Set to Servo

Michael Thomas Mitchell
Michael is a respected contributor to DPreview.  He often shares his tips and techniques in all areas of digital photography.  Here are some of his posts.
Some comments on exposure
Why I shoot RAW

Other interesting Threads, Posts or Articles
Why use a lens hood?
An example of what a hood can do
Understanding Sharpening
Shooting Night Scenes



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