Flash Units

Canon DSLR cameras can not handle the trigger voltage of many of the after market flash units.  The maximum trigger voltage that you can use is 6 volts.  There are units that have trigger voltages of 200 volts and higher.  You can burn up your camera if you use a flash with a trigger voltage over 6 volts.  Here is a link to information on which flashes should be safe to use with your DSLR camera. I do know that my 1D can handle up to something like 250 volts. Iím not sure of the exact amount but I know that it is much more then the other Canon DSLR cameras.  I would guess that the 1Ds is the same as the 1D.  Please check this information before using a non-Canon flash unit on your Canon DSLR camera.

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Want to know the age of your equipment?  Try this link.

When youíre ready to try some portrait photography a very good place to start is the Lighting Forum at DPreview.  You will learn a lot about lighting and composition on that forum. The flash units that I bought were Alien Bees.  These are powerful, light weight, and inexpensive units. They also have very fast recycle times.

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