Canon EOS D30 - D60 - 10D

Canon EOS D30
You can download the D30 userís guide and the D30 software guide.
Donald Cohen has a couple of pages of tips for the D30.  A D30 tips page, a letter from Canon about E-TTL and a copy of Chuck Westfallís tips.
Philís Review User Reviews


Canon EOS D60
You can download the D60 userís guide, Mac software guide and the Windows software guide.
Philís Review User Reviews


Canon Digital Rebel
You can download the Digital Rebel userís guide and the Digital Rebel software guide.
Add FEC to your Digital Rebel
Philís Review Andy Rouse Review


Canon EOS 10D
You can download the 10D userís guide and the 10D software guide.
Philís Review Andy Rouse Review User Reviews


New to the DSLR camera? Try starting here for a very good overview. Itís written for new Rebel owners but itís a good place to start for anyone that is new to DSLR cameras.
Fred Mirandaís D30/60 Tips
Fred Mirandaís D30/60 FAQ
Canonís comparison between the Digital Rebel and the 10D
Want to know the age of your equipment?  Try this

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