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This site is an ongoing process of pulling together useful information that is related to digital SLR photography.  It is designed to give the beginner a place to start to learn how to use their DSLR camera. You can help by dropping me an e-mail with useful information and links to useful information that you think should be included.

I also have a galleries site that has samples and comparisons of different lenses.  Here is a link to it.


Added an example of why a hood is so important.  Also added a link to some real world examples of different lenses. Both were contributed by Mark Schretlen.

Added a link to an excellent how to on fill flash in the flash section.

Added an example of why you should shoot in RAW and an example of how Image Stabilization helps.  Plus more links.

Added several more links.

Added several more links.

Added several links through out the site along with a new section on Flash units.

If you have tried to e-mail me anytime during the last 6 weeks or so I didnít get it. It probably got kicked back to you.  It is fixed now.  Also added another tip link.

Added the DSLR Q&A section.

Added a computer section in the Digital Darkroom.  Also added to lenses, tips and links.

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